Successful moth trapping day in June at Dunskey

Windy and wet weather meant that conditions were less than perfect. This resulted in a realatively small number of moths caught in traps. However the following species were collected aong with crane flies, caddis flies and some un-identified micro-moths.
In Walled Garden Trap we had:Ghost Moth, Heart and Dart Moth,Buff Ermine Moth, Large Yellow Underwing,Eephant Hawk Moth, Garden Grass Veneer, Flame Shoulder, Small Pheonix,Spectacled Moth, Map-winged Swift, The flame, White Ermine Moth, The Shark, Silver Ground Carpet, The Lychinis, Cock's Comb Prominent, Beautiful Golden Y, The Cofused.
In Woodland Trap: Small Pheonix, Brown Rustic, Common White Wave, Brimstone Moth, Large Yellow Underwing, Map-winged Swift, Silver Ground Carpet, Bright-line Brown-eye, Cock's Comb Prominent, Mottled Beauty, Small Square Spot, May Highflier, The Confused, Micro moth.
Also in the woodland trape were Sexton Beetle and Caddis Fly.
We would like to say Thank you for Peter Norman.