March in Glenwhan Gardens

There is a feeling that Spring may be coming and the snowdrops are carpeting the ground. Rhododendron Cecile Nice (named after the gardener at Leonardslee Gardens) is in full bud, Rhoodendron sherriffii will be in full bloom very shortly, as is R.sichotense and R.praecox is almost finished flowering. Rhododendron cilipinense in full bud.

I bet we get a frost amd that will be that! The plant will be fine just the blooms suffer. We are pruning the Hydrangeas just down to the first bud to protect them from any frosts, and giving them good farmyard manure as they are quite greedy things.

12 Geese greylag have taken up residence and the Red Squirrels are running about.

The Garden is coming to life! Snowdrops carpet the ground like a snow covering. Hope we get no more snow.